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Are you an agriculture start-up with a disruptive idea or technology and looking to scale and grow?

We are looking for start-ups in Agritech and allied fields with passion and potential to reshape the entire agri landscape. If you are an international start-up and need help to localise in the Indian market or an Indian start-up looking to scale – LOOK NO FURTHER!

About The Program

AgriTech Accelerator Program is a three month intensive program aimed at Agri-Tech start-ups to grow and scale. The program is modelled around the start-up ecosystem by – engaging, enabling and scaling their business ventures.

The program will provide a platform for start-ups to receive financial advice, marketing expertise and other functions that will enable the entities to grow.

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Who are we looking for?

Start-ups with disruptive innovations with one of the following:

  • Addressing unmet Agri needs
  • Product with greater value than existing solutions in the market
  • Generating sales
  • Have at least a minimum viable product
  • Demonstrate significant traction
  • Have raised private capital

What do you get?

Selected startups in the AgriTech Accelerator Program will receive a startup kit consisting of:

  • Software bundle worth up to $5000
  • Over 30 hours of service credits
  • 3 months access to mentors, field and industry experts

We have noticed that most funding or partnerships happens over bonding and rapport you develop with the investors and we will groom you and we will encourage you to take it forward with them.

The mentor pool for the program will have subject matter experts, technologists, entrepreneurs, marketing gurus to work wit you. Scroll down to see a list of mentors for this program.
Funding Opportunity
The program will showcase you to the best VCs and PEs who would be interested in investing in a product like yours.
Corporate Networking
We will get on corporate guest speakers and mentors so that you can connect with them and take your discussions further.
Distribution and Partnership
Based on your product or requirement we will try to introduce you to various channels that you can partner with or work on a distributor model.
Marketing Channels
We will try to get you your first customer (or maybe customers) or if an opportunity to pilot your work.
Co-working Space
During the course of the program you will get access to incubate out of T-Hub and ICRISAT to pursue your activities before and after the program hours.
You will get valuable publicity in our circle including social media.


We look at mentors as someone who would inspire and guide you on the goals you have set for your start-up. You will be accompanied by the following mentors who will guide you through your journey.

Jay Krishnan
Srinivas Kollipara
David Bergvinson
Ram Kiran Dhulipala
Vishnu Gorantala
Ram Bhoopal Poduvu
Sangram Nayaka
Srinivas Ventrapragada
Sanketh Kondur
Shubhankar Roy

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Enable your dreams and scale your Agri-Tech start-up with a first of its kind of Acceleration Program in India.

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